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The Secret World – September 10 revelations

September 8, 2009

Lately I have been watching the journal of a one Ragnar Tornquist. He seems involved in data on the Secret World, and has offered some clues to a mystery taking place.

It seems come September 10th, revelations will come forth from various news sources on the data that has been hidden from prying eyes on the Secret World. He offers this bit of information on his journal…

On Thursday [September 10th] the embargo lifts on all the information revealed at the PAX presentations, and I’m sure there’s going to be quite a bit of coverage. I’m looking forward to reading people’s impressions. We lead an often insular existence, and it’s both rewarding and important to get feedback on our work” (Source)

There seems to be a fair bit of usage of “code words” in that message. Luckily, those of us who are in the know understand such language and can decipher it’s true meaning. We do know Ragnar and a team of his studious developers (of information) have been leaking data on a regular basis, and it looks like the world will finally understand what has been hidden from their view all along.

We also must note the importance of this day of revelation.

Exactly one year ago on that day of September 10th, the Hadron Collider was brought online (Source). It is also the day before the attacks on the Twin Towers, which we understand may have been a plot of the Illuminati, and has correlations to my studies of the numbers 555.

Note this recent data that has entered my hands in regards to the attacks on September 11.

“WTC Data”

  • The date of the attack: 9/11 – 9 + 1 + 1 = 11.
  • Each building had 110 stories.
  • After September 11th there are 111 days left to the end of the year.
  • September 11th is the 254th day of the year:  2 + 5 + 4 = 11.
  • 119 is the area code for Iraq/Iran.   1 + 1 + 9 = 11, 911 – 119 are opposites – enemies?
    11 11 polarity.
  • Twin Towers – standing side by side, looks like the number 11.
  • The first plane to hit the towers was Flight11.
  • State of New York – The 11th State added to the Union.
  • “New York City” has 11 letters.
  • “Afghanistan” – 11 letters.
  • “The Pentagon” – 11 letters.
  • “Ramzi Yousef” – 11 letters (convicted of orchestrating the attack on the WTC in 1993).
  • Flight 11 – 92 on board – 9 + 2 = 11.
  • Flight 11 had 11 crew members onboard.
  • Flight 77 – 65 on board – 6 + 5 = 11.

Now, lets note…Flight 11, 93, 175, 77 –

If these numbers are broken down, 11 actually remains the same in numerology, 93 becomes 12, 175 becomes 13 and 77 becomes 14. 11 – 12 – 13 – 14

Broken down again and you have

2 – 3 = 4 – 5.

Add them all up and break them all down!

11 + 93 + 175 + 77 = 356 = 14 = 5
11 + 12 + 13 + 14 = 50 = 5
2 + 3 + 4 + 5 = 14 = 5


Now, as a final piece of this puzzle, Ground Zero houses FIVE bases for towers that are to be constructed. Even though at this point, all construction has halted due to financial concerns. But, we DO know 5 bases do exist. What is trickier is many aerial photos of this location make the bases look like they surround a pit of some sort. What does this pit hold?

I digress. Please note that all studies are based on other “resources” and are not my own. I can only compile and analyze. Also of concern, Numerology is a tricky devil in relation to these discussions. We do know some numbers can be superfluous when we do calculations. But, we must agree that this continued view of the 5’s is truly shaping up to be a phenomenon.

Where was I??? (* scrambles through his papers*)

Yes… Ragnar’s revelations.

I am excited for the public to gain knowledge of this hidden information, as it truly will shine a light on what has been kept from our knowledge and open the lid on these conspiracies. I will be here to report on this data as it happens.

For now, I am compiling my final notes on the concern in regards to Marduk and Tiamat, and as well, I have arrived in New York and plan to investigate “Cleopatra’s Needle”. I believe I should also make a tour of Ground Zero an imperative.

I do worry , as I believe I am being followed, and must make a decision on what to do about whomever this may be.

Wish me luck

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