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The Secret World – Factional Archetypes

September 11, 2009

Today is a truly exciting day, as I look through the Packet handed to me by the mysterious man. The information contained within has many revelations, and even corroborates some of my findings.

But, some of these findings also terrify me as well. Can there truly be such evil awaiting us? And do those who are attempting to hold back the tide have the power to complete their missions?

It seems each of the Factions are doing so in their own way. So, first let me go over this information on these entities and see if we can glean some hope against this future of despair..


The Dragon:
For the members of the Dragon society, war is deception, patience, and virtue. The Templar believe in righteousness; the Illuminati believe in doing whatever it takes; but the Dragon believe in manipulating others to fight one another, and biding their time until the right moment to make their mark. This includes constantly pitting the Illuminati and the Templars against one another, watching from the shadows in secret while the two ancient enemies engage in combat.
Of the three societies, the Dragon could be considered the wildcard, as the least is known about them. They make their home in Seoul.




The Illuminati:

A subterranean base below a warehouse in New York is the home of the Illuminati, and they are quite the nasty bunch. To them, power represents, well, everything and they’ll do anything to get it, even if it means blackmail or worse. They don’t believe in blood or heritage like the Templar. In this organization, it’s all about what you’ve done and what you can do for the society. The Illuminati are effectively the super secretive bad boys, but ultimately their goals are similar to the other two factions — at least, we think.




The Templar’s:

The Templars, an ancient group around since the dawn of time. Grounded in discipline and unshakable faith, they are crusaders. With an enormous stone HQ in the center of London they are far from surreptitious and notably un-secret in their society. Holding tradition and honor dear, The Templars are the closest you can get to playing with the good guys in The Secret World, though they’ll take down anything and anyone for the greater good.



The only information which holds ground in this data, is the fact that the Templar and the Illuminati are true enemies against each other, yet the Dragon looks to create a balance, but through Chaos.

Could we surmise that the Templar’s and the Illuminati are trying for Order and Law? But each in their own way?

The only other data we have at this point is that the Templar are headquartered in London, The Illuminati in New York (as I surmised) and the Dragon in Seoul, S. Korea.

The headquarters of each will allow the group to hide from each other. But, as well, discussion of infiltrations have been noted by some factions. Flags of the Illuminati have been found on Templar soil.

I am still going through the packet, and have gathered quite a bit of lore on a place known as Agartha. I will try to post more as I have time.

Today I am off to Ground Zero as the families and victims of 9/11 gather, I wish to make sure nothing goes wrong in this time of mourning…

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