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The Secret World – The Cabals

September 6, 2009

As I continue to study my notes, and investigate the Washington Monument, I have received new information on the various “Cabals” within the Secret World.

For those who may not know, a Cabal is “a group of people which meets for the purpose of plotting something which is typically illegal or simply evil. Cabals have obviously been a part of human society for thousands of years, working behind the scenes to perform various political and social intrigues” (Source).

Now of course, this may be a bit of a misnomer, as not all Cabals are “evil” per se, but may mean something more. They of course work in the backgrounds of society, so for this, it is true.

If things are hidden from our eyes and our first assumption is to think “Evil”, so be it. But, this is why we may see such wording as the above description..

A person with inside information has led us to data on the Cabals housing. It seems each faction within our Secret World have a place of power, and as such, follow certain “guidelines” in the construction of these…lets call them “Safe houses”.

This source has sent me photos of these “houses” with risk to their own lives..



The housing for the Illuminati totally matches their culture. Parties, drugs, sex, rock and roll. Truly bad boys without a care in the world.


Using old and abandoned warehouses? Seems to make sense within their lifestyle.



A more refined space. Templars have been known to have the means to afford such structures. But, if we look upon the housing, we notice an almost “strict” guideline as well as a political agenda to their buildings.


Pomp and circumstance comes to mind when viewing this structure.



We of course first see the cultural influence of this structure…but, even more. I can feel the power from this building as I gaze upon it. As well, it seems so “hidden” away from all of society.


The most innocent, yet most devious of structures.


Now, I must return to the construct before me. The monuments power speaks to me, and I fear if I stay too long, I may be found out.


Traveling to the Washington Monument

September 4, 2009

I have booked a flight in the morning to Washington DC. Revelations of more information that I suspect is linked with some of my previous research.

Look upon this historic structure known as the Washington Monument. Symbolic, strong… and I believe a source of power.

I must ask this simple question…

Is it not an oddity that it measures in height… 555 feet tall (and 5.5 inches)?

As a final note, as we look upon the obelisk, we must also note the shape, which looks similar to a pyramid.

I have seen this shape before.

I feel I am getting close to something…

More on this once I arrive!

Marduk and Tiamat

September 4, 2009

What do these names conjure up to you?

Dragon? Illuminati? Templar? What do they represent in your belief?

I have hidden clues into their meanings…you must find out more.

Soon, I will reveal all.

666 is not the true face of Evil

September 4, 2009

Data has been gathered that leads me to believe that those who fear the numbers “666”, are in fear of something that may not truly be the most horrible of abominations.

The true numbers of fear are….555.

This author has found evidence of the meaning of 555 and what it means for society.

As quoted “555 is the kabalistic equivalent of an ancient Hebrew term meaning darkness. Also 555 is the numerical value of the word Necronomicon. Hitler’s Nazi party number was 555. The party began its numbering system at 500 to appear larger than it really was

As many of you may know, the book of darkness, known as the “Necronomicon” has been discussed within circles of conspiracy for some time.

I myself have actually seen the nature of this book.

During the innocence of my Teen Years, a friend of mine had purchased a copy of this book in a simple paperback format. We thought it both comical and silly. But, my friend secretly thought it was something more.

He wished to re-enact the rituals within to gain power. I thought this was absurd. It was just a paperback book…most likely fiction. Then one day, his mother found the book.

We watched as she threw the book into the fireplace. But, moments passed, and my friend pulled the book from the fire. Only the edges of the book burned, but the overall text remained intact and readable…

My friend was ecstatic. I was not.

He promised to find his way to ever lasting life using just such a ritual from this book. I wanted no part in this.

I never spoke to him again.

This year I recently tracked down information on how he was doing. I found out…he died …in 1995 (a year ending in a 5)

Now, as I investigate further on this theory of the 555, something strikes me as odd. As seen here on Wikipedia..

Adolf Hitler‘s DAP registration number. He was actually the 55th member, as the founders began registering with 500 to make it appear as if there were many more people in the party ranks than there actually were.”

The numbers 55 and we add the ending year of my friends death…we gain 555.

This seems preposterous. Why do these numbers continue to appear.

As we go back into the texts of the research the above author used on his website previously noted, we see something which may shock some…

Hitler’s personal devotion to occult principles was proven ultimately by his self-inflicted death. His choice of April 30 for his suicide may well have been meant as a sacrifice; it was the eve of Beltane (known in Germany as Walpurgisnacht), identified on popular Wiccan websites as a Druid feast in honor of the deity Bel. In witchcraft, this “power-point” day is regarded as a “great sabbat” equal in potency to Halloween. According to Wiccans, Bel is derived from the Canaanite Baal

Let us ponder this final thought…the year that Hitler died? 1945 (a year ending in 5) and the difference between Hitlers death and my friend? exactly 50 years. The day of Hitlers death is truly divisible by 5!

Research also dictates that The Earth is noted to pass from it’s “current life” into it’s next stage every 5,125 years (according to the Mayan Calendar).

Now, I must ask. What is the true meaning of the numbers and of the continual sequence of 5’s? As well, where now lies this copy of the Necronomicon that my friend had used. Did he maybe complete this ritual?

Or is there something more to this story? What links did my friend have with Hitler?

My friends family was noted to have been of German origin. And something most odd…his hair was blonde and his eyes…blue.

I will let you decide what this could all mean.

Why two blogs? – Mysteries await

September 4, 2009

So, after taking time off to regenerate and reboot, I have come back to the darkside…my old love…blogging.

But, why am I here? And what happens to Simple-n-Complex?

Simple…but, complex really.

First, the old site will NOT go away, and will be what I had envisioned..An Age of Conan news blog. AoC has become a great niche title. A game where the norm of combat from most MMO’s has been put aside for a more visceral experience. Where questing has some background, and the people who tell you their stories have a life..some sad, some happy, and overall wonderful. And the best part? A low fantasy world, with NO ELVES.

Second, this new site is not a “hype” site for a new game. It is a discussion on the intricacies of the new MMO “The Secret World”. I also will be touching on the World of Darkness from developers CCP when we have more information.

Why these two games? Well, it all boils down to my interest in all things Supernatural. Whether it is in forms or Horror, Conspiracy, Christianity, Paganism, Ritual, Political…if something hides underneath, I want to know more.

Knowledge is key!

I do not wish to discuss “MMO” theory, as it has been done to death. I do not wish to discuss the games that I least enjoy (but one last shot right now…these games are horrible…LOTRO, DDO, Vanguard, WAR and Darkfall…./rantoff), but I do wish to discuss games which may offer something different than we have normally seen in this genre.

But, the overall goal is how do the cogs of machination and the others behind the “curtain” affect our world, and how are these intertwined with the Secret World or the World of Darkness.

For all I know, we may see both of these titles I am excited about be the same thing we have always had. MMO boredom, with some grind thrown in for good measure. I will be ok with that, because, the overall reach of a new genre within the genre intrigues me the most. We have lived in Fantasy and Sci-Fi (and Superheroes) long enough. I embrace these forward looking games to bring something that we do not normally see in the MMO genre.

A new setting. And for me a new beginning.

I hope you will enjoy. And I ask that if YOU see something that makes you wonder “why”…share it here.

The cipher is ready to be broken.

The Secret World – New trailer and artwork

October 29, 2008
New artwork and a trailer for The Secret World. The video seems to posit a battle between a Templar and a Dragon (may also be a Demon…unsure at this point).
So far we also know of three “Factions.

Which faction were you? Take the test!